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In 2001,THEATRE PRODUCTS was established under the concept “Clothing makes the world a theatre”

Reconsidering various processes from producing to delivering, We create opportunities to feel the new way of enjoying fashion.


Clothing is made whole by the features that come into being when it is worn. Depending upon the delicate balance of various elements such as material, form and color, the time and space around the person who wears the clothing are completed as well.

In this way, clothing is a spatial and theatrical commodity that changes the continuity of our daily lives into a never-ending performance.

We at THEATRE PRODUCTS see operating a company that designs, products, and sells clothing as being theatrical as well.

Our reality as an organization that physically exists in a corner of the world with the purpose of bringing “expressions of the body as media” Into everyday life is in a way a living allegory of the structure of a theatre. By cutting something out of the world and putting it up for display on stage, we give our audience time to concentrate and think about its meaning.

One by one, we put our offhand gestures as a fashion brand onto the stage and under the spotlight. In coming to terms with fashion, we continue to ponder its true meaning.

We want to convey that no matter the location or circumstance, as along as fashion exists there, it is complete as a theatre. Fashion creates a theatre wherever it goes.